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Contemporary Painter

As a contemporary artist, I am dedicated to making artworks that are engaging, and convey a sense of mystery and joy. For me, color, light and movement are energy, a life force, and space is dialogical and dynamic. My abstract paintings are symbolic gestures that create meaning and understanding in my life, serving as a bridge to greater connection, meaning, and positive change. My art is an expression of the joy, energy, and mystery I often experience in life. I paint using an abstract style that is a form of visual poetry to create a dance between light, color, symbols, shapes, and forms that intersect, interact, and move through time and space in order to tell a story. The artworks ask relevant questions from the viewer about their own journey, and engage viewers in a visceral and emotional



Marin Open Studios 2024: 
May 4 & 5 and May 11 & 12 

Positive Change


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